These are different Terms used in the VirtNet.

  • The Wake - refers to real life or life outside the VirtNet
  • The Sleep - refers to life in the VirtNet
  • Sink - to go into the Sleep
  • Lift - to return to the Wake
  • Aura - computer-simulated counterpart of your real-life body. It can be changed to look different from how you look in the Wake
  • Coffin/NerveBox - a casket with wires that transports your mind into your Aura in the Sleep
  • NerveWires - thin, icy strands in the Coffin/NerveBox that poke into your body
  • Core - barrier device inside the Coffin that separates the virtual world and the real world in the mind
  • Squeezing - When an Aura, wrapped in Hider codes, is jammed through a space the width of one line of programming

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