Michael is a tangent, and avid player of the game Lifeblood Deep. He is the protagonist of The Mortality Doctrine.

The Eye of Minds

Michael was one of the three pulled by Agent Weber and the VNS to help stop Kaine, a tangent who was causing trouble, trapping people inside the Virtnet, sometimes causing them to comite suicide. The other two pulled along were his best friends Bryson, and Sarah. They began their search at Old Towne, finding Cutter. He spills the information saying to go to the Black and Blue Club and find Ronika, who he says can tell you how to find Kaine. He says that what will lead you to Kaine is The Path. The club was a very popular club, only for rich, or famous people. Michael, Bryson, and Sarah managed to hack their way through, only to fall through the floor where Ronika questions them and they question her.

Ronika says The Path is the only way to get in the Hallowed Ravine, where word is that Kaine is doing his buisness. She continues on to say that the game Devils of Destruction, has a trench with a weak spot in it, having a portal leading to The Path.

Suddenly then, the KillSims break in. If the bite you and latch on, they will suck the virtual life out of you, Ronika says. They try and escape the KillSims, but it doesn't work and Ronika's aura gets erased. The KillSim latches on to Michael, but he squeezes its eyes, and it burst freeing him and it dies.

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